Kanban is a Better Way for Startups

Kanban is a Better Way for Startups

Collade Team posted at 30.06.2013

The only constant thing in life is change.

Conditions are changing, needs are changing, standards are changing...

The idea of change is fearsome. It’s also true that change is associated with uncertainty, causes disturbance and anxiety. But change brings along improvement, progress and growth if you can manage to handle it.

Considering the fact that change is inevitable and we cannot escape it, then we have to find a way to deal with change in every aspect of our lives, especially in our working environment where we see the changes most.

If you are a startup, change means more to you than what it means for a global corporate company or an established small business. To turn your innovative ideas into profit, to fight and grow in the market and to take market share from other established companies, you need to have the ability and agility to respond to change, you need to be organized, you need to have working processes and you need to measure your progress and performance.

In short, you need such a way of working that it should keep your team focussed on what they are doing and allow you to see and analyze the problems occurring and take necessary actions. At this point Collade offers you a great way of working because it’s a Kanban-based tool. And Kanban way of working is awesome because Kanban;

  • is about understanding the whole process, defining and analyzing problem areas
  • is about eliminating waste, inconsistencies and unreasonable requirements and increasing efficiency
  • is about making positive, incremental and evolutionary change
  • is about making workflow visible
  • is about limiting the amount of work in progress
  • is about evolving current processes for excellence
  • is about disciplined execution and continuous innovation
  • is a way to organize chaos through prioritization and clear focus
  • can be applied to existing processes
  • helps to see a problem forming
  • helps not to lose clarity on what to do the next and what’s most important
  • helps to see the big picture
  • respects people’s ability to absorb change

Using Collade, you can achieve the best results for your startup.

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